Friday, May 3, 2019

The Tale of Genji by Lady Muraski Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Tale of Genji by Lady Muraski - Essay ExampleThe theme of love establish on gender will be examined in this paper.This story revolves around Hikaru Genji, the tidings of an Emperor. Genji is stripped of his kinglike stature and force to live like a comm geniusr. So throughout the story Genji has a munificent demeanor, but forced to live as common Imperial soldier. Genji is handsome. He also has a precise decent persona. In one passage of the book, Genji sees a naked woman in a window. He enters the bedroom and engages in relations with the woman. The woman did not protest since he had such a world powerful presence.Genji comes into contact with many women. Genji professes love for different types of women. From a princess, concubine, and even wife Genji loves them all in their protest way. He has been with a princess, attendant, and even some women named captain after their fathers rank. Since there is a multitude of women, only the most important women loved by Genji will be examined here.In this novel, women be seen as possessions or prizes. Even his own daughters or m different must be provided support by a man. Lady Kiritsubo, Genjis mother, was supported by the Emperor. However since her father was dead, she suffered at the hands of the other concubines. This caused her to die a premature death. Due to the other concubines jealousy, Genji was made a commoner through politics.Although Genji does not love Lady Kokiden, his mothers enemy, she does show how a woman can achieve power through a mans love. After Genjis father died, Lady Kokidens son achieves power as emperor. Through her sons love and respect, Lady Kokiden has the power to persuade the emperor. This is one way a woman can come to power. The power of an emperors mother was everlastingly considered the highest a woman could achieve.Genji does not care if he sleeps with another mans wife or concubine. One of Genjis great loves is his own stepmother, Lady Fujisubo. Lady Fujisubo was the p revious emperors daughter. indeed she

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