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Authentic learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

certain training - Essay ExampleIn many cases authentic accomplishment incorporates a multiplicity of styles that be basically meant to enhance the quality of the learning sue (Herrington & Herrington, 2006). The learning surround in authentic learning stretches beyond the classroom to include other aspects of learning that may lie beyond the school involved to the wider community. The resources of the learning process are obtained both from the school and the community somewhat where the authentic learning takes put (Herrington, Reeves & Oliver, 2010). The students often engage in brotherly discourses in order to make it possible for the learning process to proceed in a manner that is both resourceful and meaningful within the collar of intimacy development. Studies on the effectiveness of authentic learning have argued that it enhances the process of cognitive development more than the tralatitious learning systems. The learning process is distinguished through a hands- on approach. This approach allows the students to participate in the learning process in a manner that is consistent with the need to develop a learner-centered strategy. nonpareil characteristic of authentic learning system is that it allows students to develop products that are meant for the benefit of a real consultation (Mishan, 2004). For example students in a history may make use of authentic learning by developing an oral product that narrates some details of the learning product. The importance of authentic learning revolves around the aspect of the development of the learning process. It might be argued that the process of cognitive development is largely controlled by a combination of different experiences. Authentic learning usually involves the processing of knowledge from factors that are resolute by the society and other forces often included within the element of learning. It might be argued that learning in such situations often involves a combination of social, i ndividual and academic factors. A concise understanding of the authentic learning process must begin with an appreciation of some of the factors that relate to the aspect of social development. Precisely, theories that emphasize on the social dimension of the learning process have been used to develop structures on which authentic learning takes place. The curriculum that supports authentic learning must involve some specific structures and practicable mechanics that foster the element of social interactions throughout the learning process (Magliaro, Lockee & Burton, 2005). This kind of learning is results-oriented and spare on specific needs of the society. In usual cases learning takes place within an open environment that allows for flexible participation of students in group activities. The goal of authentic learning is to develop a ashes of knowledge and skills that is responsive to the actual needs of the society. It derives from the philosophy that knowledge must address t he needs of the society. It is incisively because of this factor that it departs from the tradition of abstract learning. Authentic Learning Experience Plan Brief guided interactional discussion on authentic learning and behaviorism theory of learning, (10 minutes). Questions to be administered (10 minutes) 1. Apart from chalk and the authorship board,

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