Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Healthcare Delivery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

health c ar Delivery - Essay ExampleIn most situations, nurses take the big role of consoling patients as they patiently wait for the doctor. This issue can arguably said to be contributed by the fact that doctors ar not well paid thus, they go abroad to seek for greener pastures where they can get good allowance (Lundy and Janes 121). In addition, it is alike evident that due to low remuneration form in the public sector, more doctors opt to operate private clinics where they have potential of earning good money. As a result, public hospitals playscript shortage of doctors. On the opposite hand, it is evident that due to shortage of doctors in public hospitals, the hardly a(prenominal) unattached doctors are overwork as a result of attending to many an(prenominal) patients without enough rest. When this happens, studies have record that employees who overwork tend to offer poor quality service to their clients. In this regard, it is evident that the doctors would not be in a position to offer quality care to the patients due to exhaustion. In another dimension, menses studies have also shown that motivation is a crucial element required for employees to produce quality work. Nevertheless, when employees are not actuate, they end not giving top results. In light of this, the bottom line is that since the few available doctors in the public hospitals receive low salaries and few incentives to motivate them, they feel not motivated to devote all their professionalism when attending to patients (Lundy and Janes 121). In addition, although some of the few available doctors in public hospitals may be seen in the office, most of them just appear there for a few hours and leave for their other assignments which include attending to their patients on their private clinics of other businesses that would help in supplementing the deficit they feel exists as a result of low salary by the government. The latter is that many patients will spend many hours queui ng as they wait to see the doctor only to be turned down when the doctor walks away. whatever doctors keep on changing or postponing patients appointments due to their busy schedule. The end result of all these deliberations is the formulation of low quality services in the healthcare delivery. The other important issue of concern is the high-pitched cost of medical. Medical processes including diagnosis, testing, emergency care, specialist, admission costs and prescriptions have been a challenge to many populate in the United States. For instance, some tests are considered costly to middle class and poor people in the United States. A specialised test that requires special machinery and chemicals may be expensive for ordinary people. In addition, some diseases require specialist to attend. The problem is when such specialists are few in the public hospitals (Lundy and Janes 122). In fact, most of the specialist operates private clinics. Therefore, the cost of seeing and getting help from them becomes high for ordinary people. It is also evident that staying in hospital for a long time translates to more money required to catch up with the hospital bills. This would be a problem to people who are not enrolled to any of the healthcare programs subsidize by the government. On the same note, even after being dispatched from the hospital, some people may not be able to take care of themselves due to high cost of after care services and other prescriptions required for recovery. In this regard, they are bound to look for cheap alternatives that do not lender good and quality services. Conclusion It

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