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The surprising fact about the 17th century Spain is not so much its Essay

The surprising fact about the 17th century Spain is non so much its decline as a great power but its survival for so long. Do y - Essay ExampleSpain was able to survive. The Spanish governments decline as a great power is not as important as the how long Spain continues to survive until the fetch up of the 17th century. Henry Arthur (1980) emphasized the array general Oliver Cromwells death in 1658 had inflicted a colossal loss on the English Army as well as the strength of the french army. Cromwell had get together forces with the french to prevent the Stuarts from regaining the throne in England. The French were interested in the alliance because they did not want the Stuarts to return the English throne. History shows that the Stuarts did return to the English Throne in 1658 after the political turmoil that erupted in England in the same year. When King Charles II ascended the English throne, England stopped its attacks on Spain. Initially, the English commander, Cromwell, sought Catholic Frances alliance in order to defeat Catholic Spain because Cromwell believes God prefers that the Protestant religion should flourish in Europe. Cromwell initially attacked the Spanish trade and treasure routes. Cromwell tried to attack the Spanish forced on Hispaniola. However, the Cromwell attacked failed because the Spanish defensive forces in Hispaniola were too strong compared to the incoming English army. Defeated, Cromwells forces fled and reached the shores of Jamaica in May 1655. Overall, the English Admiral Robert Blake attacks did not completely win the war against Spain. The English French alliance was entitled the Treaty of Paris was signed in March 1657. The treaty emphasised France depart join England in attacking Spain in the date of Flanders. The treaty specified that English will station an estimated 4,900 soldiers and France will send 19,900 soldiers to fight the Spanish soldiers. The war reached the Gravelines, Mardyck and Dunkirk localities w here Spain had more gains compared to the English side. Further, during Spains war against England, England suffered commodious losings. The Spanish counter attack had eradicated the English shipping trade. In the same light, Spain also suffered huge losses when Admiral Blake blockaded Cadiz. The blockade ca utilise a stoppage of the Spanish economy which generated most of its cash inflows from import silver and gold coming from the Americas. Spains King Philip IV was extremely worried with the English Attacks in Italy, Flanders, and Portugal. Furthermore, William Guthrie (2003) reiterated the 30 years French Spanish war precipitated from the Habsburg rivalry. France attacked Spain at Les Avins in 1635. In response, the Spanish forces used its Southern Netherlands forces to implement speedy counter attacks on French defensive positions. The counterattacks had literally maimed the French economy. In 1643, the French army crushed the previously invincible Spanish army in Rocroi, bl ue France. During this time, the Catalonia revolts and the Portuguese revolts had undermined the strength of the Spanish army. During this war, the Spanish forces were trapped between the French forces on one side and the Dutch forces on the other side. As expected, the Spanish forces were trounced by the advancing French forces at the battle of Lens. However, could not overrun the losing Spanish forces strategically entrenched in Flanders. The In the Peace of Westphalia, France was given the Alsace territory. Likewise, Spain

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