Friday, May 10, 2019

Female Genital Mutilation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Female Genital Mutilation - Research Paper ExampleThe present seek has identified that F. G. M is a procedure that has no health benefits on girls or woman, causes severe psychological and physiological problems and it is mostly practiced in Africa as a nonreligious, pagan ritual. Some scholars such as Elizabeth Bransfield in her case studies involving Female Genital Mutilation in Gender, Anthropology, and Religion argues that it is a religious ritual and cultural issue, while it is overlooked that the ritual has no medical reasons because the female body is adversely harmed. Psychologically, the victim of F.G.M suffers a lot of pain during the procedure which is done mostly in unhygienic conditions and without anesthetic. The removal of the clitoris to is terrible due to its having a lot of nerve endings. Injury to the genital ara could also scar the victim for life considering that the procedure is undertaken mostly unprofessionally, in poor lighting and at times in the bush. The thrashing, noble and screaming victim could also aggravate the injuries due to the being done by personnel who are not trained in handling medical cases. Lack of medical facilities could also result in dire consequences including death in case of complications. Infection due to unhygienic procedures is a common disport due to the use of unhygienic tools, dirty herbs or untested traditional medicines. Death or really major medical complications conditions could result due to the many underlying conditions under which F.G.M is done. When the procedure involves infibulation, which involves the bidding of the legs for whatever time, urine and faces are retained in the wound and the damp conditions in the wound could develop into a very septic wound.

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