Friday, October 18, 2019

Writer's choice Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 4

Writer's choice - Research Paper Example ystem’s security requirements and gives a description of the controls that are in place or are planned to meet the security requirements (Nancy & Gregory, 2011). While securing systems, users can be one of the weakest links, and they, therefore, need to be trained adequately for them to understand system security risks. The NIST requires a cybersecurity profile to outline clearly the alignment of the functions, categories and subcategories of the business requirements, risk tolerance and resources within the organization. The cyber security profile identifies opportunities for improvement of the cyber security and moving the system from its current to a better state in terms of security. This paper will look at some security measures considered incorporated in a system security plan. These are safeguards incorporated in a computer, systems software, operation, and related devices for protection of critical IT resources against vulnerabilities both internally and externally. Implementation of effective logical access controls, an organization significantly reduces the risks to the system environment. Some logical access controls that have been incorporated into the system include assignment of access privileges, object re-use, session controls, re-certification of users, encryption, networking, dial-in, as well as use of warning banners. The core of an access-control system aims at securing evaluation of whether an established identity can access a particular computing resource, which is also called an object. A resource may be a service of some sort, an information receptacle such as a file or a Web resource like a uniform resource identifier (URI). The access control is decided over an existent security context and a controlled resource (Benantar, 2006). Intrusion detection systems are widely used in the enhancement of the security of information systems. The intrusion detection system detects and tracks the slightest signs of malicious activity and also keep

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