Monday, October 7, 2019

Ethical Climate Survey Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ethical Climate Survey - Assignment Example Specifically, the issue facing the organization was related to how it paid teenage employees and serving dangerously unhealthy fast foods to people. It is clear that these actions were unethical because the organization was exploiting the ablest employees who are the teenagers and at the same time, serving products that would potentially harm the customer’s health by becoming obese, which can cause heart disease and ultimately death. Some steps were taken by the admin to eliminate the same and currently, the organization wants to have the employees’ views on the progress so that they can possibly come up with additional strategies based on the outcomes. The establishment of a corporate culture is crucial to the success of the overall organization and requires certain steps to accomplish and realize the anticipated results. The culture defines the behaviors exhibited by the employees in the subject organization. The first step incorporates understanding what is important to the employees so as to incorporate that in the culture to be established. Specifically, the leader should take responsibility in determining what motivates the employees and this step relies heavily on communication where the employees hold a conversation with the leader. Here, the two parties outline what is expected of each other. While the leader communicates the goals, the employees communicate how they would like to benefit from the business and with the business. The second step involves taking action while taking the interests of the employees into consideration. After developing the culture, it is then defined to the involved parties who are then involved in the third step of contributing and providing ideas. This should be considered so as to make them feel responsible for its creation.  

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