Friday, October 4, 2019

Local Community by Volunteering Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Local Community by Volunteering - Lab Report Example These goals and objectives can only be achieved when a company is able to take appropriate decisions to cope with unexpected situations. Moreover, good image among people also plays a key role in the success of a company. A good company or organization is one which not only seeks profits through providing quality products and services to the customers but also stands by their side in case of natural disasters. In this report, we will discuss how Toyota, a Japanese car manufacturing company, can work towards bringing improvement to the lives of people affected due to recent earthquake and tsunami. 2. Importance of the Event The 2011 earthquake and tsunami caused severe damages to Japan’s economy. The earthquake not only affected lives of the people living near the focal point of the earthquake but also adversely affected the car manufacturing industry and Japan’s nuclear system. Being nationals of Japan, it is one of our main responsibilities to work towards bringing imp rovement to the lives of people and to the overall economy of Japan. For this reason, we can plan to organize a function or event that will provide an opportunity for internal clients and community members to network while also raising money. As the community is badly hit by the natural disaster, the funds can go towards disaster relief center of Japan. It will also provide us with the opportunity to raise our company’s profile among the local community. 3. Overview of the Idea Being the advisor to the head of division, I have planned an event which can help us accomplish the above-mentioned tasks. The plan is to organize a car racing event in 10 main cities of Japan, which include Nagoya, Toyohashi, Ichinomiya, Okazaki, Toyota, Inazawa, Inuyama, Kariya, Setyo, and Handa. The event will be organized in December. In the car racing event, we will not use hybrid cars, rather we will introduce our latest electric cars in order to make people aware of our latest developments. We w ill specially invite our internal clients along with the community members in the event. For the collection of funds, we will use the following ways: 1. Funds collected through sale of tickets 2. Funds collected through company’s net profits 3. Funds collected through participation of rich internal clients 3.1 Usage of Funds The main intent of the plan is to collect a good amount of funds through the event in order to use those funds to bring relief to the lives of the affected people. Some part of the collected funds will be given to the Japan disaster management center in order to make our contribution in providing relief to the economy of the county. Our main is to use the collected funds in the benefits of our society. We will help our people stand on their toes once again. The event will be organized in those cities which are not affected by the disaster and where people have strong financial backgrounds. We will educate people regarding the need of their participation i n bringing improvement to the nation’s economy. The event will not only help us collect a high amount of funds but also it will help our company maintain a good image among the local community. 3.2 External Consultant The event will include all those activities which are critically important for the success of any specific event. Along with car racing, some other attractive features of the event will incl

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