Saturday, October 19, 2019

Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Report - Essay Example This is made much more difficult because it does not guarantee that they would secure a job as soon as they complete the University education. The high costs of the post secondary education is putting pressure on the families especially those with low-income levels, and this may influence the educational trends of individuals in the near future. The contents of the article are reliable because it is an extract of a report in the Financial Post online magazine, well-known for credentials in the contents of the articles they publish. The author is also well-known and credible based on the information in his previous articles posted in the Financial Post magazine. The author also makes use of credible sources of the statistics he uses to compare the current and the past tuition fees; the Canadian center for policy report and Statistics Canada among others. The information contained in the article reflects the actual state of affairs for a Canadian University student in the contemporary society which the students can identify. The author uses the comparison of the present charges of fees in the Canadian Universities making the information reliable. Eisen, Wensveen, B., & Wensveen, J. (2012, July 9). Arguments for cheap tuition are not supported by evidence. Troy Media. Retrieved from The article is a presentation of an analysis of Ivanova’s argument that high fees prevent individuals especially from the poor families from accessing the higher education programs in Canada. The authors compare and contrast these arguments with others throughout the article and eventually do prove that there are better means of encouraging individuals to seek higher education besides lowering tuition fees. This, for instance, is because students from average backgrounds tend to have low grades that cannot allow them to join the higher education centers compared to students from higher social statuses with high grades. Policies that encourage students to embrace learning and performance in the early stages of their education may prove more productive. The Universities also have support services that allow average students with the qualifications to join the Universities by offering the financial support needed. Thus, other factors besides the increased fees prevent learners from pursuing further education. The data in the article are reliable based on the fact the authors analyzing the information are known policy analysts and analysts at the frontier center for public policy and have written previous credible works. The data analyzed are also related to the intensive research on education trends in both Ontario and Quebec institutions. The argument revolves around real life experiences with the tuition fees and the financial statuses of the students in the universities, hence, there are no assumptions on the availed figures. The source of the article is also cre dible, as Troy Media is a credible site for reliable information and data. Ryan, S. (2012, June 1). The case for zero tuition. National Post. Retrieved from The article

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