Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Evocative Production about Aging Care Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Evocative Production about Aging Care - Article Example Gaugler et al. observed that the test for civilization in any society is the manner in which it takes care of its frail members. The policy for the aged in Australia safeguards old people in the society from fearing the young as well as feeling misplaced. If the aged are offered the necessary attention and care, their life is prolonged and opportunistic ailments in old age may be avoided thereby reducing the cost of care as well as the workload of the caregivers. It is important to teach children and the youth that the aging was young just like them and that they too are headed for old age. Sometimes the old might be perceived as having little contribution to the society’s advancement in terms of wealth creation and social development. Nevertheless, the young need to appreciate the efforts of those who came before them in the maintenance of an enabling environment for them to act. For example, if the aged polluted the environment and caused the depletion of natural resources available at this particular time, the youth could not enjoy living on earth as they do. Naturally, an old person who is ill-treated in the society visualizes it as the young population taking advantage of the weak. Baxter cautioned that the society should not let their aging population regret their own existence. Rather, they should be made to feel loved and useful in community affairs. Furthermore, their experience is critical in molding and instilling good morals to the young. The natural wisdom they possess as a result of having interacted and worked with diverse people for a long time may have a significant impact on the conduct of future generations. Stigmatization of the aged may result in the loss of a resourceful component of the society since their capacity to actively participate in communal activities.

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