Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Radical Past of Liberal Feminism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Radical Past of Liberal Feminism - Essay ExampleAlthough all sort outs had the similarity in fighting for womens rights the approaches to classify the problem and define the methods to improve the womens position were quite unlike.Any idea which is worth existence in society is inevitable to create an interest group and be originated from the political system. Feminism was not an exception. Thus, two confrontational ideas of the political system loss and bourgeois gave the names of the two feminists groups which argued different approaches to womens liberty and tolerable rights.Critics review of both groups can help clearly understand these differences. online journal critically examines Marxist and liberal approaches to womens freedom without supporting any(prenominal) of them. They argue that neither Marxist societal focus on womens fiscal independence nor liberal feminists accusations of womens unequal position based on biological gender could not help wo men to change something. (One Purpose, Many Voices). Let us have a deeper look why both approaches were not successful.Marxist feminism bought up the idea of turning the capitalist society into socialist one where no one (see men) has financially higher position and, therefore, women gain financial freedom. Yet, to have nothing means to be free. But who wants to not have any possessions or keeping for the idea of equal rights? If there is no property there is no control. If there is no control there is no any society, even socialist society. Thus, women should have been strived for gaining higher financial position sooner than dismissing men from their financially dominant scale. Many feminists could not support Marxist approach because they were willing to be equal rich instead of being equal poor.Comparing with Marxist approach liberal feminists had quite an opposite focus. While Marxists desired to change a society as a structure liberalists rivet on changing individuals in the ir society.

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