Friday, June 14, 2019

Brand makrketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Brand makrketing - Essay ExampleThe primary goal of filth positioning is to build a strong and longer-lasting relationship between the commemorate and buyer. With so many brands out there competing for consumers attention, this takes some doing indeed. This makes brand positioning an unenviable exercise of communicating in an over-communicated society, whose objective is to let your al-Qaida out in the din of marketing activities. You may have an excellent product in your hands, manufactured in the most innovative process, but this does not guarantee success in the present-day market where image and symbols are more important than process, product quality or need. The symbolic meanings of brand embroil prestige, status and personality. For a participation to develop its brand positioning effectively, it must project an image that has these symbolic meanings of brand.A brand is made up of the name, logotype and other visual elements like images, fonts, color schemes, and symbols . All these are part of brand image, a symbolic construct created within the minds of people, which consists of all the information and expectations associated with a product or service. In developing a brand positioning strategy, the logical first step is visibility. The organization needs to give its brand utmost visibility and this entails a lot of expense and effort, such that brand positioning is not for top management and CEOs who are overly concerned with costs. While reservation the brand visible, there are 6 suggested strategies of brand positioning that the company can take up1. Link the brand to a particular need.The brand should be presented as an answer to a consumer need that has not been adequately served by existing brands. 2. Associate the brand with a pleasant mood.People privation escape from the stresses of modern living, so any brand that evokes ugly and unpleasant moods is likely to rate low in consumer preferences. 3. Make the brand appeal to unconscious motives.Marketing techniques that are indirect and subtle make people think, contrary to those that are too simple and direct. 4. Condition the consumers mind to prefer the brand by a reward system.A reward system may come in the form of giveaways, taste tests and similar promotional activities.5. Provide attractive models for consumers to emulate.The company may sign up movie stars and beauty queens as its brand icons for such brands as personal care products, who will endorse the brand in all its ads. For consumer brands targeting men, high-profile athletes are appropriate as brand icons. 6. Break through the known perceptual and cognitive barriers to consumer preference.These barriers may have something to do with culture, such that a product designed for Western consumers will have little appeal to Asians. 2. Brand Personality Question How can a cereal shaper use the brand personalitytheories to solve a problem regarding a new brand of breakfast cerealit has developed that it wants to give a brand personality perspicuous from its other cereal products The

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