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Orders and Power Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Orders and Power - Essay ExampleModernism was majorly shaped by the rapid growth of human settlements in form of cities resulting from the knowledge of societies in a modern industrial aspect. The horrors associated with the World War I were also key factors in the shaping of modernism. Modernism was a freedom as the artists sought to express their beliefs of what the society should really relate and work. The attempts had salient characteristics of self-consciousness. This led to experiments that approaches and forms used to draw attention to the materials used in producing the piece of work. They also incited the contract on attention of the processes that resulted in the unlike art works. The movements were not rebellious in nature, as they did not seek to completely abandon the societal traditions and put back them with new ones. The artists sought to incite the societies to make changes to the obsolete culture of the past through and through paradigmatic like the injunctio n Make it new Avant-garde The freedom of the modernism period was expressed through the artists adopting an avant-garde meaning in the artistic works. This approach saw the pushing of the accepted status quo and norms beyond the accepted boundaries using cultural realms as the primary drivers (Weiten 2011 143). This notion was the hallmark of modernism with many artists aligning themselves with the notion that traced a history from the pre-modernism era of Dada through the modernism period to the era of postmodern artists like language poets in the late 20th century. The primary concept that constitutes the avant-garde is having writers, composers, and generally artists whose pieces of art pock the cultural values of the mainstream society often with a trenchant edge of social or political form. One such artist is Georges Seurat, a Frenchman innate(p) in Paris on December 2, 1859 (Gardner and Kleiner 2013 812). A Sunday afternoon on the island of la Grande Jatte Seurat was a shy r eclusive member of an avant-garde accept group who died a sudden death from meningitis at the age of 31 after making major impacts on the modernism movements through production of various great artistic works. His inspiration came from the desire to negate from Impressionisms preoccupation of the fleeting moment with the rendering of the essentials and unchanging parts of life instead. Impressionism is an art movement with Paris as the origin. The art have characteristics of relatively small and thin brush strokes that are visible (Gardner and Kleiner 2013 812). The art emphasizes on depictions of light that are entire in its changing qualities and are usually based on open compositions of ordinary subject matters. The arts included movement as crucial in the elements of the perceptions and experiences of the human being in unusual angles. However, many of his approaches borrowed from the ideas of impressionists. This included a love for matters of the modern subject and urban lei sure scenes and attempts to capture all alter interacting to produce the appearance of an object instead of just depicting the apparent color of the object being depicted (Hagen and Hagen 2003456). His fascination was in a set out of scientific ideas

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