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PERSPECTIVE PAPER MEXICAN WAR Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

PERSPECTIVE PAPER MEXICAN WAR - Essay ExampleThe population nearly tripled in less than half a nose candy And, with the high volume of immigration coupled with the need for larger families to sustain farms, this tr final stage will likely continue at a more speedy pace. Acquiring land from Mexico would greatly help with this problem, by giving more land for our growing population to live in.Secondly, because of the harsh economic conditions that many in this country have faced, frontier land offers new possibilities. The economic depressions suffered by this country in 1819 and again in 1837 left many with next to nothing. westbound expansion offers a fresh start for such hatful. The reason for this is that frontier land costs very little, and in some cases, is free. This means that many people who could never have the means to become landowners presently may now have the chance. This is important, since landownership signifies wealth, power, and independence. At the same time, we stward expansion opens the opportunity for new forms of commerce. A struggling craftsman on the East coast must deal with the competition of other craftsmen of the same trade. Place this same craftsman out west, and he may find that while need for his craft has not changed, he is experiencing little to no competition from rival craftsmen. He may even end up with more customers than he can handle. Imagine the riches Also, merchants who relocated out West will open West coast ports. This will chuck up the sponge trade between the United States and Pacific countries, making our nation even more prosperous.Lastly, it is our duty to spread democracy to the world. Democracy is Gods plan for the world. And, seeing as how the United States is the perfect embodiment of Gods plan, who better than us to spread democracy far and wide To not spread democracy to these unfortunate people who no nothing of the joys of democracy would be a sin. We must open their eyes and show them that this is the best way of life. We can begin to fill this duty by acquiring Mexican land and extending democracy to those who happen to inhabit it. As you can see, the desire of land acquisition is not solely a egotistical one.I hope I have done my part to persuade you. We must declare war on Mexico in order to further the prosperity of this great country. I am afraid that without expansion, this country will never recognize its full potential. And, in the end, the acquisition of Mexican territory is whats best for everyone involved, twain Americans and Mexicans.Thank you for your time,Sincerely,Good job of giving three reasons for the importance of territorial expansion - Might have specifically mentioned California and its potentialMay 2, 1846Mr. President,I am writing you in hopes that this letter will aid you in your decision as to whether or not to declare war on Mexico. This is something that I believe very strongly in. I feel that a declaration of war is entirely unnecessary, and in fa ct could prove disastrous for this nation.First of all, I believe that expanding this nation would prove to weaken democracy. Ours is an experimental government and therefore, its boundaries are unknown. Our nation seems to be running smoothly at its present state, so wherefore tempt fate It is my strong belief that the reason our government works so well is because this country is relatively small and the government is close to the people.

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