Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summary for Iraq Politics Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary for Iraq Politics Paper - Essay ExampleIssues of oil have to a fault dominated international debates and Iraqis influence on the entire world economy. This paper seeks to assess the Iraqi situation in the past, present, and the future, in the idle of the research questions presented below.The above questions are based on conflict avoidance and conflict resolution in the Middle East, especially Iraq (Anderson, Seibert and Wagner 105). This country holds a epoch-making percentage of an important resource oil. One, Iraq has not had political stability for quite some time. It has also engaged in wars and violation of human rights. Using this as an excuse, a number of countries have been observed to want to control the Iraqi oil fields (Pelletiere 48). For instance, the US has installed a peacekeeping initiative in Iraq. However, over and above the peace mission, US have also been observed expressing interest in one way or another to control the rich Iraqi oil fields. The speci fic role and interest of the US in Iraq is ambiguous, and the USs benefits or harm to Iraq needs critical analysis. THERE IS A globose ALLIANCE OF RULING ELITES WHICH IS ALSO IN COMPETITION WITH EACH OTHER OVER CONSUMER MARKETS, RAW MATERIALS, LABOR MARKETS. THIS IS THE CONCEPT KNOWN AS COMPETITOR PEERS (Lecture Liberalism, Realism, theories of transnational Relations, and Neo-conservatism). However, the primary role of the US presence in Iraq has been to promote peace and stability of the nationPossible answers can be predetermined in carnal knowledge to the research questions presented earlier. Failure to put a stable government in place and the violation of human rights from time to time have made Iraq what it is directly (Smith 386). Even before the US made an entry into Iraq, this scenario had been observed.

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