Friday, July 19, 2019

The Reality of War and Death Depicted in Owens Poem, Dulce Et Decorum

If we look at the history of the world with a kaleidoscope, we can see the different aspects of war and what effect it had on the mind of different people and artists such as poets, painters and authors. Many poets romanticized war, luring it with their pen and giving it a beautiful look by glorifying death and obliging young blood to fight for their motherland. For example the poems â€Å"Peace† by Rupert Brooke and â€Å"Fall In† by Harold Begbie painted war with the highlights of glamorous and sensation. Apart from poets there are also politicians who achieved their aims with the help of war and violence while others who used the weapons of non violence to achieve their goals. The most famous example is of Adolf Hitler who took the aid of war to conquer the territories. The media also has a great impact on the mind of the public, like newspapers, televisions, radios arouses the public’s interest and motivates the young generation to join the army and fight fo r the nation. However, there are artists who look at war in its very naked form. For example the poet Wilfred Owen in his poem â€Å"Dulce Et Decorum Est† demonstrates that no sweetness or honor is earned in dying for one’s country, instead humanity is taken away during war. In the first stanza Owen uses strong metaphors and similes to convey a meaningful warning. The first line, â€Å"Bent double, like old beggars under sacks†, describes the soldiers tremendous exhaustion. They have been brought down to a beggar’s level and are being compared to low society. To reinforce this the speaker says, â€Å"And towards our distant rest began to trudge† (3). Everything seemed farther and so the troops desire for relaxation and peace. Owen uses metaphors:†Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots/B... ...Unlike other poets who glorified war and eluded people’s mind Owen brought the reality of war and death in front of people’s eyes. War is not just fighting for your nation and gaining victory, it is looking at death and inhumanity eye to eye and experiencing agony, suffering and reality. The name of heroes and heroism just remains in words but the reality is the inhuman situation faced during the war. In my opinion war is not a solution to all problems, there is no need for bloodshed, killing, violence and destruction. The problems, the difference of opinion and disputes can be settled by non violence, agreements and understandings. Mahatma Gandhi proved to the world that you can achieve your aim by means of non violence and peace. He rightly said: â€Å"I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.†

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