Friday, July 26, 2019

Display design for or a museun, gallery, shop ,church, palace or Essay

Display design for or a museun, gallery, shop ,church, palace or temporary exhibition - Essay Example Furthermore, of the ethnic groups named in the Hall of Kenya and the Cycle of life gallery, the emphasis is on the Maasai ethnic group. This appears to be a deliberate attempt to please foreign tourist market given that it resonates well with Kenya’s tourism sector’s extensive use of Maasai imagery and artifacts in advertisements. The foreign tourist market is important for the museum given that tourist pay eight times more than what ordinary citizens of Kenya pay at the entrance as fee in order to gain access to the museum. In addition, the tourist pays U.S. $100 to view the original hominid skeletal remains in the Cradle of Mankind gallery’s section (JURMAIN, 2008.p.6). The Cycle of Life exhibits consists of artifacts associated with stages of life in the history of traditional and modern Kenya. Like the photographs and paintings in the Hall of Kenya, the artifacts here, also carry ethnic identities as the overriding motive of display. Pictorial exhibit in the national museum as part of Kenya’s 10th independence anniversary celebration display is political because they are used in highlighting the various developments in the history of Kenya since independence. These developments were responsible for shaping the history of the nation through the various stages of struggle up to independence. The pictorial exhibits are used by government and the museum to give citizens the opportunity to learn, appreciate and experience the efforts and struggles made by the government and other institutions in the social, political and economical development of Kenya as a young country. An example of this exhibition was the 17th December 2013 which showcased the political struggles of various individuals and their contributions towards Kenya’s independence. In addition, the pictorial exhibits are being used to celebrate Kenya’ Jubilee year. It is a celebration which given due

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