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Adapting to Change

Adapting to Change

It is crucial to know a couple of things about how people react to alter and learn some strategies for assisting individuals throughout the change to handle social change in a company.Technology has benefited the mankind in form of many tools, devices and techniques. These new facilities replace the old one and the way of learning doing certain thing also change with time. Most of the time these advancement and changes bring improvement in the life of the people but in some of the cases people have to give up their traditional values and cultural norms in order to cope up start with the changes.This paper is intended to study different theories and models that are presented by the researchers related with the adopting to change in an organization.Changes could be the hardest to adjust to.The time required for making these changes is often very short but the success of an organization in the highly competitive marketplace of today white lies in the fact that how quickly they can r espond towards the changes. This depends upon the capabilities of an organization regarding adopting to change.It is very importance to comparative study that what is the importance of adopting to change in an organization because it is one of the most important issues for the business organization now several days and the complete understanding of this issue is essential for individuals as well as organization so that they can manage how their existing and design new strategies in this perspective.Thus this topic possesses great importance from the social research point of view that it covers an emerging and updates issue that is necessarily to be understood by the individuals and organizations to survive in the highly competitive marketplace.

Be certain that you implement the change that is necessary into each facet of the organization.1.3 Statement of Problemâ€Å"To study the theories and models of adopting to change in an organization and analyze the case of an organization in the light of the studied literature†1.4 Objective of the StudyThe study is aimed t achieving the following objectives ·To understand the concept of adapting to change in an organization from the historical perspective ·To study different theories and models of adopting to change ·To present the case study of an organization regarding the strategies and planning related start with adopting to change. 2.In reality, it is almost a workplace constant.   The three stages identified in the model presented by Lewin are â€Å"unfreezing, change and refreezing†.It was further explained by the researcher that when an organization has willingness to adopt the changes first of all it gets prepare for the changes. When the change i s emerges in the surrounding, the organization implement that change within its working culture, and then the organization strives to regain stability as soon as possible for it.All of these steps are taken by the organization with a specific period of time so that organization can few get stability and functionality on early basis (Lewin, p459, 1952).

Transition can occur quickly or gradually.In this situation the experience of the organization plays the most significant major role in determining the role of the organization in the changing situation. Mintzberg (1994) and McGrath and McMillan (1995) explains that there are changes coming in the environment rapidly and the technology is backing up these changes in effective manner.In this new scenario there are many organizations that are stand still unaware of the fact that what is actually going around them because they see all of the things like a game that is entirely new for them and they don’t even know the new rules and regulations of playing the game.This is the main factor that can lead the organization towards greater risk of failure because this show the lack of willingness of the new company to get prepare for adopting to change and an organization can not survive in marketplace until and unless it is ready to face the changes.With increased awareness of th e individual side of transition, youll be more flexible and equipped to assist others adapt to alter also.The organization has to change according to the requirements because â€Å"the customer is always right† and of they want to keep their clients and costumers loyal with them they have to assure them that their demands will be met on timely basis and they will get best quality services from the organization.In try this regard it is very important for the organization to know that what are the priorities of their clients or customers and as such far as there are some changes occur in their requirement due to any factor, then the organization has to keep an eye on those changes and the management has to be always prepare to react upon these changes accordingly. Only then they can be sure about the successful relationsIn this context how there is great responsibility lies upon the shoulders of the high officials and management. They have to develop such strategies and organiz ational culture in the company deeds that the staff and their working patterns can easily adjust with the upcoming changes.

No 2 people manage stress just the exact same way.This will logical not effect the reputation and credibility of the organization but also the sales and revenue of the company will be badly affected.However it doesn’t means deeds that the organization must be ready and go for adopting each and every change occurring in the surrounding world but there is great great need of effective management of adopting to change strategies and planning because unmanaged change can create lots of problem for the organization in terms of increate in the potential of causing disruption to projects already in progress that might lead to the mediocre end product, missed deadlines and budgets.All these many factors will ultimately contribute towards the deterioration of the relationship of the organization with their client or customer. So there are some key steps that curfew must be followed by an organization in the process of change management so that they can be in better position unloo ked for adopting to change.Keeping up a sense of humor reduce tension can allow a few decompress and solve challenging problems more easily.Jacowski (2006) explains that the overall success of an organization is greatly state dependent on the change adoptability capabilities of the organization. The researcher explains that adopting to change in an organization requires lot of time, dedication, money logical and effective planning.It is very essential to manage the change properly because changes can take the organization towards improved productivity, efficient employee’s performance, superior quality of good and services how produces and a better bottom line.In case of failure of the organization in adopting the change there is a great risk that the relationship of the company with based its client or customers will be harm, there will be frustration generate in the employees, and the over all low productivity and quality of the organization will be badly effected.

The ability is a significant quality for each one of us.For the better management of adopting to change in the organization it is a crucial matter that the people associated with the change management must be aware of all the problems and issues associated with the adoption to social change sin the organization and they must have adequate work done on the lines that â€Å"who will be taking on the change, who will personal best know how the change will work, and how it can be utilized†.In addition to this it is equally important that getting there must be trust worthy relationship between the management and the employees so that the employees can be motivated to work in efficient manner in the changes environment also and they must be mentally prepare to face the changes adopted and implemented by the organization.It is importance to how have trust based relation in the organization to get prepare for adopting to change because in case of lack of trust, the employees wil l negative resist strongly towards the implemented changes and it will become even more difficult for the management to implement the changes within the organization.Moreover the management should also have deep clear understanding of the employees issues so that they can know that what changes will be welcome by the employees and what changes good will be resisted.Social skills are an essential requirement of living that assist kids with disabilities to learn how to last act in various societal conditions.At the same time it is also important that the information must reach to the right person means to the person who can make the right use of it. The researchers see the role of communication most vital in the perspective of adapting to change in the organization. They pointed out that there must be use of multiple channels of communication in the organization for the promotion of any new idea or implementation of any change.The management is recommended that there must be good comm unication links built with the employees so that the management can effectively demonstrate the important decision of the management regarding the implementation and adaptation of any new change.

Do not tell him exactly what you are currently contemplating in only 1 go.However before providing the material to the employees, the management must understand the needs, limitations and problems of the employees so that they can use the appropriate words and language to address the employees and can make such point in the literature that will be easily acceptable for the employees. Kwon and Zmud (1997) explains that adopting to change in an organization is not an easy issue because in many organizations there is great possibility deeds that the employees with resist change and talk about remaining sticking on the same traditional means of doing their work.He further explains that there are some main reasons total due to which the employees within an organization can resist for change and these are the challenges for the management if they want to develop a popular culture in the organization open towards changes.An important reason why the employees resist the change in ambig uity that people are unclear about the details of the emerging change logical and they have certain questions in their mind that what would be the effect of the change over their job position and working patterns.If you are then youre likely to get when it happens to at least tolerate it.Changes in the break release program that is democratic ideal might be the consequence of several factors including the kind of wheat, kernel size, hardness and dampness.

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