Wednesday, September 11, 2019

PERSONAL STATEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

PERSONAL STATEMENT - Essay Example I have had a good record in performance right from my elementary studies with my high school GPA being 4.0 while the current college one is 3.7. I have developed some interest in pursuing my summer programs in photography within Italy at the American University within Rome having been attracted to the program through the institution’s website. Am currently 19years old and have been brought up in Venezuela with my family currently living in Rome and am sure that the photography sessions will be instrumental in my major in journalism. I must admit that the love of the country (Italy) has also triggered my interest to study there as I have been visiting there at least twice a year. An opportunity to study there would not only present an opportunity to re-unite with family and moot of my friends but also an opportunity to study in a beautiful and historic country. Besides, I have deep appreciation of different cultures and such an opportunity to undertake studies during the summer season within Italy would give me an opportunity to interact and appreciate cultural diversity. I am disciplined, dedicated and much focused in my studies and success is all that matters to me. I therefore believe that if accorded the opportunity, I would gain the most from the program while contributing positively towards the success of other students and the course at large within the

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