Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Local food Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Local food - Essay Example The English introduced afternoon tea, fresh food salads, and sandwiches into the world today. While the French added drinks to the English dining table, the Indians added spices and new veggies. The English exploration and a rich heritage of food culture ultimately is an incredible masterpiece of local food for the English people. The English start their day with egg and bacon breakfast taken down with seasoned tea or coffee. The cuisine may also include fried tomatoes, mushrooms, bread and baked beans. Children eat porridge or boiled oats during winter and cereals in summer (F, 2007). Breakfast is served hot and taken heavy; a tradition carried down from the Romans one meal a day policy. Although much of the cuisine disappeared during the food rationing period following World War II, the preserved cuisines heavily represent the ancient English culture. The English local food far outsmarts most foreign cuisines in terms of ease to cook and benefit to the body. The fresh farm produces eaten raw provides vital vitamins and minerals as animal products like eggs and bacon help build the body. Bread is a daily meal in England and a key source of energy foods. The balance created by these foods attracts many food enthusiasts and outweighs most processed foods cuisines. Fish has a historical twitch with the English and is prepared to suite every meal. The English have perfected fish preparation and preserved it for light dinner or lunch (Christopher, 2011). Dry table wine is legendary to both the English and the Italians. Wine is taken to supplement food and usually taken at the end of the meal. Wine, however, is a preserve for the well to do and most prefer water or tea at the end of a meal. Salads make an important part in the local cuisines in England. Salads such as asparagus, carrots, and French beans take center stage at a dinner. Thanks to the India exploration, more salads like chilies, cucumbers and ginger have been added to the cuisine. After

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