Thursday, September 12, 2019

English Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

English - Research Paper Example The world is full of personalities who have been made stars just because of their involvement in soccer. Their every aspect of life has been defined by this game loved by many. The scope of beneficiaries of the game is wide and range from the footballers themselves to coaches who teach the youth how to play soccer. Like in Europe, soccer has a considerable share of the European economy and for this it forms an important part of the economy. It supports other industries and hence treated with a lot of seriousness it accords. To other parts of the world, soccer is used for similar reasons among others. This research is explores how soccer can be used in shaping the live of youth. It digs deep into the possibilities of using soccer game to help youth dream big, be disciplined and have a clear focus about their future. In addition, it evaluates how soccer can be used to instill teamwork and self-reliance besides assessing how popular soccer is among the youth, the age commonly attracted to soccer and finally the risks associated with the act of playing soccer. This is done in a very systematic way in which several resources are used to get the fine details. All time professionals’ life in the game, like David Beckham, has been studied so that a fine grip of the reality at the ground is realized. The of talks of renowned football coaches is also studied so as to unearth the truths which help these coaches instill discipline in these young players. Adolescent is quite challenging among many youth and hence means and ways to curb the effects of troubled adolescents through soccer are studied closely to yield reliable information for governments and other concerned bodies to take action. Soccer and Life skills In life, failure to have discipline in any life undertaking is failure already. David Beckham acknowledges that for one to succeed in football, he has to be disciplined. Football does not request for discipline, but instead it demands for it. You have to m ake a choice; either to be disciplined and learn football or to forget about soccer. Discipline in soccer is a wide aspect. Plainly, it can be stated that discipline is doing what is right all the time for the right purpose and place. When it is time to eat, go and eat. When it is time to play, you just have to go and play. Nevertheless, in soccer, discipline calls for more than just this. A player’s rise to stardom has to establish a very strong foundation of discipline. Respect is of great importance when it comes to adding to discipline. Soccer is a game which entails a lot of stakeholders. There are the players who are teammates, the coach, the team doctors, management team fans, etc. A good relationship between you and all these members of a team depends mostly with the respect which exists in between. Everybody yearns to relate well with the people around them and for this is easily achievable through the discipline of respecting others. It begins with acknowledgement a nd dip conviction that everybody in the team is important. This conviction yields respect which in turn stabilizes discipline. When practiced over and over, it becomes habitual. Respect being a 2-way traffic, you will be respected back by those whom you respect. When playing the game, you are not alone in the field. Youth react very quickly to any happening; either good or bad. With proper respect induction which comes with football training, it is

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