Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Problem solution speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Problem solution speech - Essay ExampleWhen an some unity records a body mass index that is more than thirty, that person is considered obese according to the obesity society. The frame Mass Index can be calculated by dividing the weight of an individual that is measured in pounds by the height, which is measured in inches, then multiplying the figure that is arrived at by 704.5. Obesity is the product of down more calories than the body can be able to utilize and this leads to the body storing the excesses as fat (Wolin and Petrelli 19). enormous unnecessary portions and lifestyles that continue to be more sedentary everyday also contribute heavily to the riddle of obesity that keeps getting worse.Fast foods such as burgers, pizzas among other food products that catch very richly calories such as chips that are deep fried and the foods that are sugary are very loose to find and relatively cheap in the United States. These particular foods are also not efficacious at all as far as nutritional value is concerned therefore, to reduce and at last prevent obesity, the United States Surgeon General proposes a diet that is rich in nutrients which abides by the 2010 factory farm Dietary Guidelines for America. There is also the recommendation that adults should be able to get at least one-half an hour of exercise in most of the days while the children should exercise for a whole hour. The trounce ways that an individual can be able to include more activity in their periodic lives is through using the stairs instead of the elevator, using parking spaces that are further than the entrances to so that one can walk more and using a push mower as opposed to the proponent mower. The children should be encouraged to play outside after school instead of sitting idly or watching television so that they can remain active.The burden of finding solutions to the problems that are associated with obesity have

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