Saturday, August 24, 2019

Window Server 2012 Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Window Server 2012 - Research Proposal Example Accordingly, in order to improve the effectiveness of the communication procedure and secure the integrity of the brand image along with the operational data, the company wants to implement the concept of Windows Server 2012 within all aspects of their data protection and communication setup. Thus, this proposal will mostly remain focused towards understanding the aspect regarding how Windows Server 2012 can be implemented within the areas of active directory, group policy setup, domain naming system (DNS), file services, remote services and windows server update services (WSUS) in order to reinforce the functionality of Shiv LLC. The concept of domain model demarcates the availability of usable networking resources that remain stored within multiple server machines in a network setup. The users just have to log in within the domain system through a specific id and password after which they can attain access to the stored data and other resources in an appropriate manner. Moreover, different domain models have been created by Microsoft that finds applicability to a platform depending on the version of server operating system installed within it. Since in the case of Shiv LLC the considered version of server operating system is Windows Server 2012, thus two specific categories of domain models can be found applicable in this context. The first model is the’ Single Domain Model’ and the second one is the ‘Regional Domain Model’. The diagrammatic representation provided below will help in gaining a lucid comprehension about the concepts of these two models in an appropriate manner.

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