Sunday, August 25, 2019

Design Thinking Process its Influences and Critiques Essay

Design Thinking Process its Influences and Critiques - Essay Example Value creation techniques have shifted from manufacturing intense approaches to knowledge based designs which mean that companies have to adjust adequately to fit the market requirements. Innovation requires more than one approach in coming up with a complete recognizable product. Thus, companies have to amalgamate their resources to achieve quality innovation techniques. Despite the need for coherence in the market many industries have failed to implement this, competition has worsened the situation making each company rely on its own resources. However, this may not be an ideal platform for design thinking methodology. In this paper, I depict the roles and applications of design thinking in different scenarios, in the society. I draw up cases from a number of resources to depict the importance and how design thinking process can be attained with maximum benefits in the long run. Design thinking enhances the process of interoperability of the strategic and operational mindsets of individuals towards the set work environment. Design thinking is used in the derivation of human, technological and business sources and their interplay. Secondly it is influenced by socio-cultural and process based patterns (Lockwood, 23). Recent discussions evolving around knowledge usage have stressed the importance of utilization of distributed knowledge in innovation. It is illustrated that exploitable knowledge lies outside the organization that wants to undertake a new product development, this means that such an organization has to consider different components which may include and not limited to consumers, suppliers, and competitors and among other stakeholders in the business environment. The principle has an immense effect on management who are supposed to be open-minded and allow views from the external environment. By doing so, these managers will be allowing necessary skills to

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