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Pregnant Teen Support Planning Teenage Pregnancy

Pregnant Teen Support Planning There is nearly 750000 teen pregnancies every year. Parenthood s the leading reason that teen girls dropout of school. Aid young parents by setting up a babysitting club so they can take GED classes.(11 Facts About Teen Pregnancy) Pregnant teens should have a support group because teen pregnancy is one of the major problems in today s society. The Health Visiting Service is a workforce of specialist community public health nurses who provide expert advice, support and interventions to families with children in the first years of life, and help parents to make decisions that affect their family’s future health and wellbeing.(A National Health Service 31-36)The Social Exclusion Unit’s reporting Teenage Pregnancy has highlighted the increased risks of poor health and social outcomes faced by teenage parents and their children. These included: a 60% higher rate of infant mortality; a 25% increased risk of low birth weight babies; and three times the rate of postnatal depression. teen mothers were reported as having low educational attainment.Despite negative facts, this publication made clear that poor outcomes were not inevitable if the needs of young parents were met with specialist tailored support. In response to this, the Sure Start Plus pilot initiative was established in 2001, as a specific project within the Teenage Pregnancy program. The aim of the pilot was to test models of specialist support for teenagers who were pregnant orShow MoreRelatedThe Prevention of Teen Pregnancy1638 Words   |  7 PagesPrevention of Teen Pregnancy Specific Purpose: To persuade others to help prevent teen pregnancy. Thesis Statement: Teen pregnancy is one of the most difficult experiences a young woman passes through. The stress of pregnancy, revealing of the pregnancy to parents, and moving on despite the shame and worry can be terrifying. Some may say they did not use protection because they werent planning to have sex. These kinds of life altering choices must be considered in advance in order to prevent teen pregnancyRead MoreTeenage Pregnancy And Teen Pregnancy1743 Words   |  7 Pagesnegative media teenage mothers struggle to find the positive sides to motherhood. Teenage pregnancy can be dificult and life changing, but unlike the renowned negative beliefs all over the world, there are positive sides to teenage pregnancy. Most research that is done on teen pregnancy is based on the hardships and struggles on teen mothers, making it easy to forget the good that can come from teen pregnancy. A teenage mother can create a good life for herself and her children. Teenage mothers areRead MoreT eens And Parents About The Facts Of Teenage Pregnancy759 Words   |  4 Pagesthe facts of teenage pregnancy, how it affects people and the options if it happens to them. 2. BACKGROUND 2.1. What is it? Teenage pregnancy, is pregnancy in girls under the age of 20 when the baby is born 2.2. How common is teenage pregnancy? There are not less teenage pregnancies than in the 1970s, most likely because of improvements in availability of contraception, sexual education and abortion. In 1971, teenage pregnancy was 55.5 births to 1000 teens, whereas, now, the pregnancy rate is 15Read MoreTeen Pregnancy Research Paper820 Words   |  4 PagesTeenage Pregnancy in America Teen pregnancy is a growing epidemic in the United States. Teen girls are becoming pregnant at an alarming rate, with a lot of the pregnancies planned. With television shows broadcasting shows such as â€Å"16 and Pregnant† and â€Å"Teen Mom†, it is giving teenage girls the idea that it is alright to have premarital sex and become pregnant. It is in a way condoning teen pregnancy. I am interested in discussing teen pregnancy and the options that are out there for theRead MoreTeenage Pregnancy : A Social Issue1551 Words   |  7 PagesTeenage pregnancy rates have been declining in the United States, but when compared to pregnancy rates in other industrial countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom they are still relatively high. (Office of Adolescent Health, 2016). Teenage pregnancy is defined by UNICEF, as an adolescent between the ages of thirteen to nineteen becoming pregnant. (UNICEF Malaysia Communications). Teenage pregnancy is viewed as a social issue because of the way it affects a country’s economy, the mother andRead MoreTeenage Pregnancy And Teen Pregnancy1341 Words   |  6 PagesTeenage pregnancy is a prominent dilemma in our nation because it continues to place adolescents into delinquency. According to the United States Health and Human Services, three out of ten American teen girls will become pregnant at least once before they rea ch the age of twenty. That is nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies in a year (1) (HHS Pg.2 2014). Also according to U.S. Department of State, teen pregnancy budgets the United States and tax payers approximately seven billion dollars annually (2)Read MoreTeen Pregnancy Essay1667 Words   |  7 PagesTeenage pregnancy has long been acknowledged as an important health, social and economic problem in the United States, one that creates hardships for women and families and threatens the health and well-being of women and their infants. Unintended pregnancies span across age, race and religion, with a specific negative impact among the teenage population. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC, 2016) In 2015, a total of 229,715 babies were born to women aged 15–19 years, for a birth rateRead MoreTeenagers Should Have Access to Birth Control Essay979 Words   |  4 Pagessession. Behavior like this leads to higher risks of pregnancy or even worse. From the years 2007 to 20 11 there was a 26% decline in teenage pregnancies between the ages of 15 to 19, the number was 435,436 pregnancies dropping to an all-time low of 329,797 nationwide in 2011, which is a 105,639 difference from 2007. This decline is mostly accounted for by using birth control. John Santelli says that â€Å"If most of the progress in reducing teen pregnancy rates is due to improved contraceptive use, nationalRead MoreEssay Teen Pregnancy1403 Words   |  6 PagesThere is a lot of teen mothers growing up in this world wondering, what if I would have stayed in school? W hat could I have become? Would it have made my life easier if I had thought first? There is many causes for teen pregnancy. They lead to the need for the desire of love by another person. One might have a poor home life and would want something like their peers have. A teen may have a low self-esteem and simply be looking for acceptance. However, many teens that have a wonderfulRead MoreTeen Mothers Experiences1027 Words   |  5 Pagesthink of pregnancy as being an exciting moment in life to experience the joy of parenthood. Parenthood is something that all committed married couples look forward to and hope for. This concept is usually thought of by adults that can manage to support a family and acquires a strong partnership with a lifetime companion. Commitment is one of the key concepts to successfully raising a child. However, this exciting news turns into a tragedy for an unexperienced teenager undergoing pregnancy. Teens are unstable

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